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Public Transportation

Veteran MTA driver Francis Abankwa, 50, was busted at the Kingsbridge Depot in Manhattan for transporting $3 million worth of heroine on his route. He met with a man to discuss the plans for transporting the drugs the previous day. He picked up the passenger not knowing he was busted the previous day for having heroine in the airport. He told agents he’d rat out his accomplice so when Abankwa got to the last stop agents swarmed the bus and arrested him.

Slacker says this makes them sound snooty. He said that he sat in vomit in the cab in Chicago. That’s disgusting. He also took out a bus stop on accident because his truck fish tailed up a hill. So the next day when he drove past it all the people were kinda looking at the rubble like, “What the heck happened?”

Steve says he never has taken the city bus-- ever. But he has taken a shuttle. Does that count?

Lil’ D was waiting at the bus stop when he was 8 and a kid grabbed him. He was threatening Lil’ D with his skateboard and literally mugged him for all his money when he was 8. He also said that he was on the last train of the night after going to the bars and a random guy stood up and started singing while everyone joined in. It was awesome.

What crazy encounter did you have with public transportation?

Intern Nikki

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04/29/2014 3:19PM
Public Transportation
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04/30/2014 7:58AM
plane ride
my plane to singapore crashed. i died. it was the worst day of my life. Candy
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