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Public Humiliation


12 London firefighters recently helped free a teen that got stuck in a swing. They freed her by removing the swing from its frame. An eyewitness tells the Daily Mail, She had her hands in her head, embarrassed, and was being filmed by her family and was clearly stuck in the child's swing. A lot of firemen had showed up - they were there for about 15 minutes. They took the chains off the swing and managed to slide it off of her. She wasn't hurt - just embarrassed as there were a lot of people that stood by watching. People were wondering why there were so many fire engines, though.''
Slacker worked at a grocery store once was told to sweep the area that they keep all the carts. It was right next to a bank of windows and he tried to sneak along the windows and just push the carts over so he wouldn't have to move every single one. Well, he tried pushing the carts and using the windows for leverage. The window wasn't strong enough and it exploded!
What was your worst moment of public humiliation?

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09/25/2013 8:39PM
Public Humiliation
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