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Pregnant and Smoking/Drinking

There’s a story in the news about a guy and a woman in Seattle, Washington. They got into a conflict because she was pregnant and smoking. The guy brandished a shot gun and threatened the woman because she was endangering her unborn child.
Slacker and Steve checked in with 9News and were reminded that Seattle has many people suffering from depression due to lack of sunshine….maybe that’s the cause for his over the top response.
Slacker reminds Steve of a story a while ago where a passerby stopped to help a kid who was being shaken and basically abused by his mother…Good example of when to step in.
Slacker had an old acquaintance where the woman was 8-9 months pregnant. They went on vacation together and the woman sat out by the pool and ordered margarita’s, rubbed suntan oil on her tummy and puffing away on a smoke. He said nothing! He’s a bit embarrassed by it. Steve asked him if it would have mattered and Slacker says that it probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Baby was born full term, but only weighed like 5 lbs. The parents where amazed. They couldn't imagine how that could happen...
Steve basically builds his social circles around smoking, so he has no guilt giving a pregnant woman a smoke. It's how he meets new people. He's given a pregnant woman a smoke. His thoughts are that she's going to get it from somebody eventually! Does he feel bad that he aided and abetted? No! Is he an enabler, not sure. Steve says people should butt out. She knows exactly what she’s doing and the consequences.
What would you say to a pregnant woman who was either drinking or smoking?
I’m a product of a mother who smoked and drank. I probably have ADHD. I’m 6’3” and 205 lbs. I think that people have the right to treat their bodies however thay see fit. They have been educated on the risks and they make their own decisions. I think it’s not fair to the kid, but it’s not my body. I can only control what I put in my body and, while my kids are young, their bodies.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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09/17/2012 7:10PM
Pregnant and Smoking/Drinking
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