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Pole Dancing Classes


Pole dancing exercise classes have been around for a while now, but they are really beginning to take off in the UK. Research has shown that there isn't a town in Britain that doesn't hold adult pole dancing classes. With all those women getting themselves in stripper shape, it’s no surprise that their daughters are curious about the classes.

It’s become quite a trend for moms to bring their young daughters to their “pole fitness” classes with them – and not just as observers! These little girls are pole dancing for exercise too! As the popularity of pole dancing for exercise grows, dozens of classes have sprung up specifically targeted at children. Several hundred little girls are estimated to attend classes in pole dancing across Britain, and their numbers are steadily growing. Little girls around Britain are ditching more conventional hobbies like ballet to take part in this controversial new trend.
Slacker thinks it is disgusting that you would ever let your daughter do something that is even remotely associated with such an adult theme. Steve and Lil D think that it is a good form of exercise and it only carries the adult connotation if you over sexualize it.
Would you let your daughter take a pole dancing for exercise class?

(Image courtesy of Flickr)

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09/16/2013 8:46PM
Pole Dancing Classes
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09/17/2013 7:57AM
Pole Fitness is Perfect Exercise for People of ALL ages
I've been doing Pole fitness for about 6 months now and I can tell you it is much different than what strippers do. It builds strength, flexibility, confidence and community. Those are all important things for young girls, and for anyone. I find other routines boring, but the challenge of learning to hang by one leg from a vertical pole keeps me going to class. Slacker is just wrong in this case. P.S. I think it's funny that this blog post appears with an ad showing Slacker "Bringing Sexy Back" as he takes money for selling sunglasses.
09/17/2013 8:44AM
Only thing that's disgusting is your attitude
I am not sure why you require quotation marks around the words pole fitness, when this has been an established form for fitness classes for almost ten years now. You add on as a side note at the end that you think it only carries adult connotations if you oversexualize it, but if that's the case how can you then assume that every single class that these girls take is sexualized? The only ones doing the sexualization are men like yourself, adding terms like "stripper shape" when most pole dancers have no interest in being associated with strippers. (Have you ever been to a strip club and see girls bust out pull ups on the pole? Didn't think so.) Most pole fitness classes focus solely on the fitness aspect, building strength to do pull ups, to lift your whole body weight above your head, to hang inverted from just one leg - these are the classes that younger girls are taking, and I see absolutely nothing "disgusting" about girls and women wanting to build strength and confidence. If you want a good example of everything that pole fitness has become, and how even younger girls can do amazing things without it being sexualized, you should look up "WORLD POLE SPORTS 2013 - IPSF - OLGA TRIFONOVA" on YouTube. If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will, but I would have been proud to have an amazing athlete like Olga as my daughter.
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