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Picking Up Guys At The Bar

Bars are a notorious pick-up joint…The dim lighting, the music, the alcohol…It all makes for a perfect environment to get that person’s number you’ve been eyeing across the room. Most of the time the picking up is done by the men, but sometimes a woman gets the courage and does it herself. Unfortunately, to some relationship experts, they claim there are a lot of cons to picking up a guy at the bar. One example would be beer goggles. Say you left the bar with Channing Tatum, but in the morning he looked more like Screech from Saved By the Bell…Not pretty…Also, if you think you are hitting it off while drunk that night, chances are you won’t have anything in common to talk to about together within the next few days. Who knows…Maybe you could be putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.
Slacker has never seen a girl pick up a guy in a bar. He wonders if women’s game is to more often than not be the prey and then playing the chasing game.
Steve on the other hand, says he has women constantly coming up to trying to pick him up. He says Slacker would have to weed through the women to even start a conversation with him. Steve says most of the time they give him the hair flip and the moistening of the lips, but Slacker begs to differ…But he does realize that women use their physical characteristics to get a man. He read a story that when women turn their body towards you, that it’s a girl hitting on you and Slacker gets confused by that. What if she turned her body to see something else? He doesn’t understand…What is a woman’s game?
During the discussion of picking up guys at the bar, a woman named Christina called. She’s been flipping out all day and heard us talking about this topic, and had to call in. She’s been married to her husband, Brian, for seven years and last night she was ordering some Chinese food while her he was in the shower so she went into his wallet to grab the debit card and found a girls number in his wallet on a napkin from a local bar. For the next couple of hours she became a robot and today she kept thinking to herself, “Do I confront him?” She doesn’t know what to do...If you were a woman and found a number in your man’s number…What would you do?
Christina thinks this situation is not necessarily about the girl…That’s not what’s bugging her, but she thinks it’s just between her and her husband. Slacker agreed with Christina that this isn’t about the women on the napkin. Slacker asked her if she thought he was capable of him cheating on her and she thought that was a very good question. She thinks he should be a therapist. A couple years ago she never would have thought he would have cheated but now her mind has changed a little bit because the last two years have been a little weird. Steve says his buddies that are married that go out to a bar always get hit on and get numbers, but they just throw them in their pocket and forget about it. Slacker says he would have to trash the number before his wife would see it.
In the end, we had one caller named Nick call us about this situation. He thought Slacker and Steve should call this girl and find out what really happened…Then Christina could confront her husband. Christina had the number to the girl and Nick convinced her to let us call the number, which at first Steve was hesitant about, but Slacker was all for it. He thought it was a good idea. If it’s an affair we could stop it before it starts and if it’s nothing, we could ease her pain. The girls name on the napkin, Melissa…We called her and unfortunately she did not answer…The first time. We called it over and over until she finally answered and agreed to go on the air. Melissa had no idea what Slacker and Steve were talking about. She says she is married…She started to think we were prank calling her. All of a sudden, Melissa realized who Christina was. They used to go to high school together and she ran into both of them at The Rio at happy hour. Christina apologized and didn’t even think to put two and two together. Christina’s phone was dead and while she was in the bathroom her husband took the number. Christina is so happy…Her husband is not cheating!
I’m not really one for heading out to the bars at night. The flaws these experts have talked about aren’t quite such mysterious findings. I’ve known about these things since I was old enough to attend a bar. I can’t say I have a bad experience picking up a guy at the bar because I haven’t had much courage to approach one. Usually, I get the creepy dudes that approach me and then I’m just over it and leave the bar. In Christina’s situation, I’m so happy it worked out for her, but like Slacker said…Yeah, the trust isn’t there…”She can wipe that up herself…”
Have you had a bad experience picking up a guy at the bar?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/20/2012 4:01PM
Picking Up Guys At The Bar
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