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Pick-Up Lines

Most pick-up lines suck, but some are absolutely genius! A new survey states that that the rules for dating have changed, and here's how:
According to the dating guide ‘The Rules', one should wait three days to follow up after a date. But, according to a new survey, that's old school thinking. eHarmony found that 73% of women and 71% of men said that idea is 'ridiculous'.
Another old school rule that seems to be ‘out' is the idea that if you're asked on a last-minute date, you have to decline and play the ‘hard-to-get' card.The eHarmony survey found that a massive 89% of men and 77% of women would go on a same-day date if they were available.
Other numbers from the eHarmony survey:
• Over half of both sexes admitted to searching a potential date's name on Google or Facebook before meeting them.
• And contrary to popular belief, 44% of women admitted to liking the cheesy pick-up line approach.
• Over 75% said that they would prefer a phone call instead of a text.

Steve doesn't think that pick-up lines work and can't believe this is phasing back in! He thinks just a simple compliment and walk away is enough to get chicks to find him later! Steves best line: 'You need to stop drinking. (why?) because youre driving us back to my place later!' Slacker best: *lick index finger and touch her shirt* 'We should get you somewhere and get you out of those clothes!!'

I hate, Hate, HATE pick-up lines!!! However, this one was memorable. On my 21st birthday, I'm sitting at the bar with my friends when this super drunk guy falls into me and tells me 'You are 100% prime real estate!', before looking at my guy friend next to me saying 'you gotta hit that!' Luckly, for him, he got kicked out of the bar!!

What was the best, or worst, pick-up line you've heard???

More to come,

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08/01/2012 6:25PM
Pick-Up Lines
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