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People At Work


The women who work in construction are trying to get the signs that say "Men At Work" changed to "People At Work."

Neither Slacker nor Steve think that this should happen, but for different reasons. Slacker thinks that the government shouldn't be spending thousands of dollars to change a sign. Steve thinks that the women on construction sites aren't really working; they're just holding the sign. So really it should say something along the lines of "Men At Work, Women Holding Signs."

I think this is ridiculous. Why spend so much money just to change a sign? If it's that big of a deal (which it isn't), then just have a magnetic "wo" to put right in front of the "men" like Slacker was saying. Gender specific things these days are getting to be ridiculous. It's to the point where some people say you shouldn't be buying barbie dolls for your daughter because it's "forcing them to be feminine." Parents are just confusing their kids with all the non-gender specific things out there now I think. Gender specific toys aside, don't change the signs. We don't have the money to fix this, and it doesn't even need to be fixed.

What do you think? Do the signs bother you?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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10/19/2011 4:18PM
People At Work
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10/22/2011 6:14AM
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10/27/2011 5:46PM
Feminist's are out of control!
Get over it, who really gives a **** it the sign say's "Men, Women, People, or jack****es at work" It's not worth the money to change it.
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