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Peculiar Punishment

It’s happening again…A man in Denver made his 12-year-old son carry a sign around for two days saying "I am a thief. I took money from a family member." The 12-year-old stole $100 from his cousin and the father hopes other parents will follow in his lead because he is a single dad and believes this will help his son not steal ever again.
In California, a 17-year-old boy was forced to hold a sign saying "My name is Justin. I am a thief,” because he stole a skateboard from his school. And just a side not, if her boy was in 19 other different states, one being Florida, someone could have legally spanked her kid for her with a wooden or plastic object and she wouldn’t of had to punish him herself. Do you like that idea?
To mix it up a little bit, a 13-year-old in New Orleans was caught lying and stealing a $10 shirt so her mom decided she should wear another shirt, neon green, as punishment. The shirt read, "Hide your money. Hide your clothes. Hide everything. ‘Cuz I'm A Thief.”
Last but not least, a bus driver got so fed up with a bunch of unruly kids on her school bus so she decided to sit the bus on train tracks and told the kids that she was not going to move the bus until they decided to settle down. A train was even approaching them and she still wouldn’t budge! Luckily, she eventually did move and karma kicked her in the butt because she’s now out of a job.
Whenever Dave left the toilet seat up, his step-mom would make him stare at the toilet seat for 30 minutes. When Steve was in school, he was swearing so his teacher made him draw a giant circle on the chalkboard and make him put his nose in it.
Have you ever had a peculiar punishment?
Ok, I’m being completely honest when I say I never had peculiar punishment. In fact, my parents never even grounded me. I think I called a girl in elementary school the ‘B’ word once, but I didn’t more than a stern warning to never say it again. Being that I’ve never been punished in a peculiar way, I still turned out okay so maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/30/2012 3:20PM
Peculiar Punishment
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