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Parental Advisory

We get a lot of OPP’s about parenting and Steve, the never going to get married guy, the never going to procreate guy, thinks his head is more clear than the rest of us, answers the questions and sometimes…Slacker hates to admit it…But he’s actually got a point. Like when Noah does something bad and Slacker wants to take away the things that he cherishes most and Glau says that’s too harsh, and wants to sit him in the time out chair for a few minutes… Steve, who doesn’t have invested interest in Noah and doesn’t eject emotion into it, knows they already failed as parents if they don’t take away what he cherishes because then he’s got control.
Lets look at another scenario… A friend of the show posted a picture on his facebook of his baby with a daddy part drawn on her face. The dad drew the daddy part while she was fast asleep and made the tip point towards her mouth. Steve thinks that is hilarious!! To him, it’s just parents having fun with their children…It’s a baby and the child is never going to know. Slacker…Not so much. When the baby turns into a teenage girl and see’s that picture, how is she going to feel?
Surprisingly enough, I tend to go to Steve for advice, but I’m not a parent yet so it’s never been for that advice. Most likely when I do have a child, I will ask him for his opinion, but I would probably turn and listen to Slacker since he has two kids of his own.
Do you have a question for Steve? He’s ready to get back to you with his parenting advice!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/27/2012 3:25PM
Parental Advisory
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03/27/2012 10:50PM
Drawing Daddy parts on baby daughters face!!!!!
Realllllly? What would ever possess a man to draw a daddy part on his baby daughters face......unless he has some serious pedophilia issues!? Well what's posted on the web stays on the web. Perhaps someday she can use those pics to put dear ole daddy away! Daddy Disgusting!!
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