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PMS Behavior

A new study has shown that woman actually do really weird things during that time of the month!

MIND & BODY: Weird Things Women Do During Their "Time of the Month"
Ladies, next time you do something totally bizarre and out of character, and it just so happens to be “that time of the month” you now have an actual biological excuse! Our bodies are making us act unlike ourselves. Check out some of the weird things women do when Aunt Flow comes for a visit:
-You become more attracted to bad boys: A recent study revealed that when women are at peak fertility, while ovulating, they are much more attracted to bad boys then dependable looking men. So next time you take a real jerk home with you, check your cycle – it may have been your hormones talking!
-You dress a little more risque than usual: New research has found that ovulating women tend to buy clothing that's tighter and racier than what they would normally buy. The body is saying, "find a man to make a baby with right now!"
-Your voice changes: When you are menstruating, your voice becomes less attractive to the opposite sex because you are less fertile during that time!

Both Slacker and Steve previously thought PMS was a myth and women used it as an excuse to get out of doing things.  However, now that a medical journal has published a study proving its existence they both (though Steve is still on the fence) have to concede the point that PMS is real.

I think this is an interesting thing to do a study on, especially because it feels like everyone already blames a woman's bad mood, weird behavior, etc. on PMS.  As a woman, I definitely have had those moments during "Shark Week" when hormones are raging and my emotions get the best of me.  I don't know if the changes that this study suggests are true for all women as I'm usually more likely to be found in leggings or sweatpants during this time of the month, but maybe these shifts are more subconscious.

What crazy thing have you or someone you know done during THAT time of the month?

Until next time,

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06/26/2012 5:33PM
PMS Behavior
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12/14/2012 12:49PM
acting different than usually
My "time of the month" was last week and my best friend and sister told me I acted like the characters off of My Little Pony friendship is magic. Honestly I dont know if that is true but I sure drove them crazy. lol I mean I've watched the show a couple of times because there were nothing else on tv. So...I dont know. Is that possible?
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