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A 9-year-old girl in Kent, Washington recently turned on her new Disney princess walkie talkie for the first time, and heard the filthy conversation of two truckers. As soon as her stepmother popped batteries into the bright pink toy, she heard profanity and even racist slurs. Apparently the same frequency used by the toy is used by nearby trucker CB radios. To make matters worse, the girl's walkie-talkie only has one frequency, so she can't shut off the dirty talk. The girl's stepmother now plans to contact the FCC about the issue to make them aware of the issue.

Slacker can’t believe this actually happens since he doesn’t think the FCC allows that kind of behavior. These truckers should already be in trouble. Slacker remembers when his family first got a cordless phone in the house. Slacker says that Steve is the king of eaves droppers. He zones out and doesn’t listen to conversation because he is paying attention to other people around him.

Steve says that it CB’s are also governed by the FCC. Steve remembers when you could hear conversations through a baby monitor.  One woman on facebook said she heard the neighbor’s voice over the baby monitor and the sound of a man’s voice with her newborn scared her pretty bad.

 What is the craziest thing you’ve ever overheard?

The craziest thing I have ever overheard was my brother having an intimate conversation with his girlfriend over the LAND LINE phone, I know, they are virtually extinct now. I was like 6 or 7 (he is 10 years my senior) I had many questions for my mom after that one.


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10/23/2013 5:01PM
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