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Opp: Clubbing Girlfriend

Today’s OPP is from Amanda:
Yi! My boyfriend and I met at a club six months ago and we've always enjoyed going out – both separately and together. But he has decided to focus more on his career and stop going out so much and he's asked me to do the same. He says that he'd rather not date a total "party girl" if he's in that mode, but that he really wants us to stay together. I don't think it's fair of him to keep me from going out with my girls, but I like that he's at least not saying he wants to break up. What should I do?
Slacker is assuming that she is 20 something years old. He says that he did the opposite of what this guy did, he told his ex-wife to go out and party. Slacker says that he remembers a time when he was going to clubs three times a week and was still excited for every time, now it’s just loud music where he can’t stand going into. He says that it’s all about prioritizing because he and Steve used to play poker all of the time but he realized that his kids and family came first.
Steve is curious about how much does she actually like him, enough to give up partying? He says that there is a possibility that the boyfriend is afraid of what his coworkers might think. Steve also mentions that this guy could just be insecure. He says that the guy should maybe compromise and go out a little bit with her.
What do you think Amanda should do?
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08/08/2014 4:21PM
Opp: Clubbing Girlfriend
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