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One Week Tests

Why not make this the week you challenge yourself? Denying yourself certain things that you usually would not go a day without can be good for you. Here are some personal one-week tests from that they say every guy should try at least once:
- Go one week without watching TV. Imagine all you could do if you didn't spend all those hours on the couch.
- Go one week without being on the Internet. This is tough if you need the Internet for your job − but that's why they call it a challenge.
- Go one week working out every single day. No excuses. Just do some exercise every day.
- Go one week cooking yourself dinner each day. No take-out. No drive-thrus. Just you, your kitchen and some pots and pans.

Steve says he could give up anything for a week pretty easily...except maybe cigarettes.  Slacker says giving up television for a week would be easy for him, but internet (or any of his Apple products) would be downright impossible.  He brings up the "fear of missing something" which I think is very common nowadays. 

For many people I know not having their phone gives them anxiety.  Slacker and I are in a boat together in the struggle with giving up the internet. I think I'd be able to do it, but I would still occasionally be wondering what I might be missing.  I would also probably have difficulty going without coffee/caffeine...I'm a zombie without it!

What would you struggle to give up for a week?

Until next time,

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07/17/2012 6:33PM
One Week Tests
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