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OPP: Wine Giver


My husband and I had some friends over a couple of nights ago. They showed up to the house with two relatively nice bottles of wine. Because it was a special occasion for our friends, I suggested we first open a bottle of our wine to celebrate. Of course one bottle turned into many and we never opened the wine they brought. As they were leaving at the end of the night, she picked up their wine and thanked us for a fun evening. She took the wine back home with her! I told my husband that it was beyond rude and we won't be having them over again. He thinks I'm being outrageous. What do you think? Is it appropriate to take the wine back home?
Slacker says that the rules of etiquette do not always apply to real life. Slacker has had many people come over for parties and bring bad beer and then drink his good beer while at the party then leave taking their bad beer with them. If they are feeding you and or serving drinks hosting you at an event then they should be given the wine.

Steve asks why did you bring the wine to the party was it meant to be drank or was it a gift? If there is a bow on it or a bag then it is definitely a gift and should be left for the host. If you go to a party you should bring what you are going to drink don’t bring the cheap stuff and then drink the good stuff.

Was it rude? Should she let them know why they are not going to be invited again? What advice do you have for Julianna?

Ultimately they bought it they should be able to take it to drink at home if it did not get used. Maybe they thought the others were rude for never opening up their bottles. If you go to a party and you bring a bottle of wine at the end of the night I may suggest asking the host if they want to keep it. If not, then yeah, take it home you don’t want it to go to waste. I used to have parties at my place all the time and when people would bring their own drinks they would leave bottles all the time. Sometimes they would leave it and it would never get drank since there are some things I don’t like to drink.

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10/30/2013 4:31PM
OPP: Wine Giver
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