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OPP: Wedding Pictures/Family Night

Roselyn was kind enough to join us on the air today to share her problem.
Roselyn’s cousin Courtney got married in September and her Uncle John was the photographer. Problem is, they didn’t discuss the terms so they thought it was a wedding present, but thought it was a job and handed them a bill. Now they are in a huge fight and he is withholding the pictures. On top of it all, they completely ruined Thanksgiving and now that she’s planning a huge Christmas with extended family coming and everything, but she’s afraid it will be ruined just the same. How does she make them stop fighting about this so Christmas isn’t ruined?
Steve says this is inevitable, which is why Slacker added on saying she should just cancel the extravagant Christmas. It’s like his pet peeve of people fighting in public. You just don’t do it. You pretend like nothing is wrong and fight about it later when you are alone. Either way, he doesn’t think that’ll happen because someone will make it about the photos.
I think Roselyn needs to stay out of this family drama. I don’t think she needs to get anymore in the middle of this, which is why I still think she should continue with the gigantic Christmas. Family is going to fight. It’s just normal, so if they want to celebrate Christmas, they will put their problems aside and come join in on the fun.
What advice do you have for Roselyn?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/15/2011 4:27PM
OPP: Wedding Pictures/Family Night
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12/15/2011 5:13PM
Not a topic for discussion
Tell every single member of your family that it is not a topic for discussion on Christmas. Everyone has invested time and money into this for it to be a happy family time. Anyone who brings up the photos in any way, shape or form has to leave. It needs to be hashed out, but that needs to wait. If the family cannot leave it alone, they should uninvite themselves before the festivities so that everyone else can have a good time without the wedding photo elephant in the room. Do not make any exceptions. If you want to have a good time and enjoy your family activities, leave the pictures out of it.
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