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OPP: Warning Him About My Body

Today, Susie joined us live on the air to share with us her problem. She has been seeing this guy Brian for a few months now and things have been going great. They haven’t had relations yet, but she feels as if it’s come to that point and she’s ready, but she’s a little insecure about something. She has stretch marks… She had a child when she was 15 years old and gave the child up for adoption, but she doesn’t want to scare him, so she wants to know what she should tell him before they have relations or if she should even say anything at all?
Slacker dated someone with pretty major scarring from an accident, someone with stretch marks even on her legs and although he’s not saying any of that is wrong, it can be overwhelming, so a little disclaimer would be nice. In Susie’s case, he feels weird that she isn’t really addressing the child with the stretch marks. If she says she is nervous about taking her clothes off, he’ll probably understand all that, but she has something on her body that has a back story that might also concern him. Not only does she have to brace him for what he’s going to see, but it’s like p.s. I have a baby and they may show up on my doorstep years from now.
I have a scar on my hip from a mole that I had removed and to be honest, if someone asks I show that thing off like nothing else! I don’t feel insecure about it because the mole could have been cancerous, so having it removed eliminated that and it will always be a reminder to live life to the fullest. If a guy is grossed out about it, then he’s not worth the time. I do think Susie should tell him about the stretch marks and about the child. It’s the only way to have a honest, trusting relationship. If he gets scared and runs, at least you knew beforehand.
What do you think? What should Susie tell him beforehand?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/08/2012 4:29PM
OPP: Warning Him About My Body
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02/08/2012 4:57PM
don't worry about your stretch marks!
seriously, just have the confidence you deserve and do not worry about flaws.... why would you point them out. i certainly would not be looking for them... enjoy and be yourself!
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