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OPP: Update on Mariah


Update on Mariah reads:
“I called yesterday to tell you what’s going on but you wanted me to write you an email instead so here it is. I told you before that I started seeing one of the guys I hooked up with when I was trying to get pregnant. Our relationship is getting a lot more serious so I did end up telling him that I was pregnant. I didn't tell him exactly how I got pregnant but he knows that I hooked up with another guy around the time that we got together. He wasn’t happy but he said that if the baby wasn’t his we would make it work. I know the chances are pretty good that it’s not his baby and even though we haven’t been together for very long I decided that I want to have his baby and not someone else’s. I know I finally got what I wanted but now it’s more important for me to have a baby that is ours together. I decided that I’m going to get an abortion so that we don't have any questions about it being his baby or not. So that’s what’s happening. I haven’t scheduled
anything yet but it’s what I have to do.”

Slacker says that some people were cheering her on and now it has taken a twist. Some of the stories in the past seemed made up but this seems terribly real. A woman’s choice is too touchy to talk about. Opens up the lines to talk directly to Mariah.

Steve reminds that she set out to sleep with any random dude to get pregnant and now she has taken a total 180. “It’s her body” trumps all.

What is your opinion on Mariah’s situation? What should she do?

WHOA!!I think she is going to regret this decision as much as the last one! She is playing with human life now. She was so desperate to bring a child into this world at any cost to give it “love” and now she is ready to throw it away. This is all proof that she was never ready for this big step in life. Steve is right it is HER body. I understand sometimes mistakes happen and you are in a bad spot. This is not the case here. She intentionally got pregnant so it is a selfish decision.


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10/23/2013 5:22PM
OPP: Update on Mariah
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10/23/2013 9:02PM
Do not give this girl one more second of our time! I'm calling bull! Everyone woman has that right to choose. But it's more than just that when it comes down to it. Making a decision to end a pregnancy is not just a solution, first of all, it's something that is with you forever. Who publicly announces that?! She sounds either mentally ill or a liar. Keep addressing it and she'll probably want people to talk her into keeping it so she can collect "support"/ money from strangers. Becoming a mom is something that a good amount of us ladies have always wanted. It sounds like she's wanting more than just a baby. She wants the man. And she needs to understand, given she doesnt have one already, having a baby to fix a situation will only make things worse and more lonely. children bring everything to our lives. Ending a pregnancy to try to have another with someone who's been around for a few months is WRONG! If this is really a true story, she needs less radio time and more mental health time. Seriously, meds. Strong meds! And no more attention!
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