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OPP: Time To Crawl Back?

Today’s OPP came from Ella:
Yi guys! I broke up with my boyfriend, Ian, about 6 months ago and to be perfectly honest, I've been dating a lot and haven't found anything close to what he and I had together. I originally broke up with him because we fought a lot and started to really get on each other's nerves. But after a string of horrible dates, I'm starting to miss Ian and see him in a new light. I told some friends about this and they said under no circumstances should I go back to him. But I really miss him and am thinking of giving "us" another try. What do you think?
Thanks, Ella
Slacker has been in this situation before. In fact, he’s been Ella. Slacker was in a relationship with a girl that loved drugs and she would always choose them over him. If she wasn’t so into drugs, she probably would have been the most amazing girl, but that’s what caused them to break up. A while after they broke up he tried to date and every time he would try to put that person through the filter, comparing them to her and it was getting him no where. He went back to her and did the yo-yo things for a while and every time it didn’t work. If it’s not working, he thinks it’s never going to work and you’ve got to stop comparing everyone. Slacker even quoted our good friend, Gregory Behrendt… “It’s called a break-up because it’s broken.”
I am exactly like Ella. After a previous situation, I have started to compare every guy to this one guy and in all honesty, I can’t seem to find anyone better and my mind is telling me I can look past all of the things that went wrong. I’ve come to miss him, think about him…All these things I should be moving past by now, but it’s a lot harder or should I say easier said than done. In truth, I think I could move past all the little things that weren’t working, but to others I seem like a complete fool. He wasn’t the only one that made mistakes though so I feel as if in a way, I have grown through this period. Like Slacker said, which I agree with, that If two people care enough to fight with each other...That I would take that everyday because it means you care and there’s enough passion there where you would start to miss those little things. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.I want to believe my friends, but at the same time I want to be someone that makes my own decisions and my own mistakes, and figure things out for myself, but…Ugh…I don’t even know. 
Have you ever done the yo-yo thing? What advice do you have for Ella?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/24/2012 4:27PM
OPP: Time To Crawl Back?
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