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OPP: Tell Parents I'm Pregnant

Yi! Today's OPP is from a 17 year old who just found out she's pregnant!

I am 17, almost 18, and it's finally senior year. I am so excited, but now I am nervous. I just took a home pregnancy test this morning since I was three days late. It came back positive. My boyfriend knows and he plans on sticking around. We've talked a little about what we would do if this ever happened, but now that it is, I am terrified. Not of how my life will change, because I already know that, but of telling my mom. I know she didn't want this for me, but thats what's happening. I will not be the mother who has her mother raise the child. I just need advice on how to deal with the looks friends and family will give me, and telling my mom. It would also be awesome if i could get great tips on balancing college and a baby because i really want to be a teacher.'

Steve thinks that this girl sounds like a smart girl and is thinking about the situation honestly. She's still aspiring to have a career without putting the child off on her mom and she's asking all the right questions. Slacker doesn't agree. Having kids of his own, he's know's how expensive they are. How is she going to pay for the child (diapers, formula, clothing etc) while still in highschool?! Ultimately the responsibility will fall on her mom.
Have you been in this situation before? How did you come clean?  And what advice do you have for today's OPP?

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10/02/2012 4:17PM
OPP: Tell Parents I'm Pregnant
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10/02/2012 4:34PM
I'm A Young Mom
Yi! I'm also 17 years old and my son was born August 28th and is 5 weeks old today! When I had found out, I was still with the baby's Dad until a month before I had him, and we split up. But that's a whole different story! The way I told my Mom could have been much better. I had called her at school and she was very shocked but not mad at all. We cried together but then talked about how things were going to be. My Dad was very mad, but once he got over the shock, he helped me a lot. I have never been closer with my parents in my life. I'm finishing up my senior year now. A week after my son was born, I returned to school. It's exhausting and some days I just wanna lay in bed and give up. But then I look to my son and realize why I'm working so hard. It's to give him a better future. Over Summer I worked full time and saved up money to get us by until December. Then, I will be getting a new job on the weekends. Just enough to get through school. I'm studying to be a dental assistant now, and once I graduate, I will have my certificate. I am a proud Mom, and even though it's rough that baby will be here motivation. I have no doubt this girl will make it. We Mom's get an instinct that kicks when the baby is born that makes us unstoppable. As long as she keeps her head and heart focused on her goals and plans, she WILL make it. She is still in the shock stage, but once she gets over it, everything will be easier to plan for. As for daycare, there's an assistance program call, "COLORADO CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (CCAP)" that helps pay for daycare for low income families. Have her check into it (: It's helped me!! I wish her the best of luck!
10/02/2012 4:59PM
Church lady
Please don't assume that when people look at you they are thinking bad things. Everyone stares at pregnant women because they do. When I see a young pregnant teen I respect that she did not chose the easy way out. Honestly when I see a pregnant teen I wish her nothing but the best and pray for her and her baby. So if you are pregnant as you begin to "show" don't assume anyone is thinking any thing bad about you. Praying for you right now. P.S. when you tell your parents -don't hold anything they say to you initially against them. They too are only human and may not react how you want them to. Give them time to catch their breath.
10/02/2012 7:11PM
Being a Teen Mom
I was 17 and a senior in high school when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I am now 21 and my daughter is 3. My advice to you would be to not worry so much about how you're going to tell your parents, because you have already made the decision to keep your baby, and its a decision that they're going to have to accept. That being said, you will also need help taking care of your child, so find a good support system while you're pregnant, in your parents, friends and/or young mom's support groups such as Teen MOPS. Second, I also want to encourage you not to give up on your dream of being a teacher. College is NOT out of the question; I work two jobs and started my college career at a community college before moving on to attend attend school at DU last year. A good college degree will land you a better job, which you will need to take care of your child in the long run. Its a very challenging path, but it is very rewarding to be a parent and I have every faith that any young mom can go to college if they have the desire to do so. Best of luck!
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