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OPP:Teen Pregnancy All Over again


Today’s OPP is from a woman who got pregnant when she was 16 and raised her daughter with the father who was 18 at the time.  Admittedly, the relationship and their life isn’t everything she wanted out of life but loves her daughter more than anything.  Now her daughter is 17 and pregnant…The father wants her to keep the baby and raise it, saying that they made it work and she will too.  She doesn’t want her daughter to sacrifice her education and other opportunities.

Steve says he feels bad for Candy because she is going to end up raising her grandchild, but he also can imagine Candy’s daughter thinking, you did it, why can’t I?  Slacker says that the decisions he has made in his life has made him who he is today and has no regrets.  However, if Noah picked up a guitar and decided he wanted to be a rockstar, Slacker wants the best for his son and would be worried that he wouldn’t make it and therefore his happiness might suffer.
Should you try to stop your kids from making the same mistakes you made?

Do as I say not as I did…I’m a firm believer that kids shouldn’t be having kids.  There are plenty of people out there that can’t have children but want them more than anything and can actually provide a good life for them.  Teens and women in general should be more concerned about what kind of life they can provide for a baby because it takes a whole lot more than just love to raise one.  I assume that Candy and her husband will end up taking on a whole lot of responsibility for their grandchild and their daughter will not know fully what it’s like to do it on her own.  I think Candy needs to put her foot down and tell her daughter that she is under 18 and still under her care and roof and that she cannot keep the baby.

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09/06/2012 4:34PM
OPP:Teen Pregnancy All Over again
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