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OPP: Teach My Brother to Drink


Kristin joined us on the air with her OPP today. She has a younger brother that just started college. She wants to teach him how to drink and play drinking games. She says it will be a good way to teach him his limits, but she's also worried that it could lead to him getting into trouble.
Do you think she should teach him how to hang at parties in college?

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09/26/2013 9:41PM
OPP: Teach My Brother to Drink
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09/30/2013 3:43PM
Go for it!
Absolutely go for it. I am doing the same thing with my sister and I think its great because I can provide a safe and comfortable environment for the actions of which she would most likely not get naturally. However I know that my sister is generally a very responsible person, that being said if she was not I would be more hesitant with taking the reins. But hey if she finds out that she doesn't like drinking and its with me then at least I can help her with the hang over in the morning and not find her in a gutter somewhere.
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