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OPP: Surrogacy As A Job

Today Tracy was kind enough to join us on the air for her OPP. Tracy loves being pregnant and she believes she’s good at it. She has two kids with her husband Jake and loves the overall magical feeling of being pregnant. Growing up, all she wanted to do was be barefoot and see that belly grow, and now that her neighbor has asked her to be a surrogate for her, she is thinking about making surrogacy her job. She loves the idea of giving a gift to someone and with her friend; she would be getting a good chunk of money and would be able to stay in the child’s life. Her husband on the other hand, is over it and doesn’t think this is a good idea.
Slacker can see where Jake is coming from. With his own wife, she was so hormonal all the time that going through it all again doesn’t sound like all the fun it’s cracked up to be. Especially, if knowing that at the end of the 9 months he would have to give up the child. However, he can see Tracy’s side too. On one hand, she would be contributing to a family.
Steve wants to know, where is the line between your new profession and your relationship? He feels as if everyone around her would have to sacrifice for her profession and that may be asking a lot.
After listening to a few of our callers, I think Tracy has a strong enough head on her shoulders to take on surrogacy as a job. I would start out with helping her friend and kind of feel it out. Who knows, what if won’t be the best move? It’s unfortunate that her husband does see it this way, but if I couldn’t have kids, I think I would love to have someone be there for me that could help me out. The gift of life is irreplaceable.
What do you think about all this? Should Tracy respect her husband’s wishes and not be a surrogate or does taking on surrogacy as a profession a good idea?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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11/18/2011 5:05PM
OPP: Surrogacy As A Job
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