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OPP: Short Shorts


Today’s OPP is from James, a father of three teenage boys.  New neighbors have moved in with teenage daughters, who like to do yard work in tank tops and bikini bottoms.  Though James knows that “boys will be boys,” he doesn’t like that his sons are checking out the neighbors daughters.  He wants to let the neighbors know what’s going on and ask them to cover their daughters up a bit.

Slacker thinks that it’s OK if James tells the neighbors what’s going on, while Steve thinks James should keep quiet or he will come off as the creepy neighbor.

How would you handle this situation?

Here’s what I think…Boys will be boys, but the girls are not clueless as to what they’re doing either.  James shouldn’t go out of his way to make it a big deal, but maybe in passing could make a light comment about having two sets of opposite sex teenagers as neighbors.  Then the neighbor might think about it and choose to do something on his own. 

Intern Kelly

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06/07/2012 4:27PM
OPP: Short Shorts
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06/07/2012 5:24PM
Intern Kelly
Great job Kelly, I think you right on the mark. Debmac, Hicksville, NY
06/07/2012 8:27PM
Short Shorts
I agree with you Kelly. I small comment to the dad & it might get him thinking. Good job. Debi - Lakewood CO
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