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OPP: Scared to be Pregnant


Claire joined us on the air today to share her OPP. She is pregnant and she is absolutely terrified. She's scared she won't be a good mom for her child. She says her boyfriend has been really supportive, but she's worried that she's being a terrible girlfriend and he's going to break up with her because she is so hormonal. She's also very nervous about the actual birthing process. She feels like every other mom is so happy and giddy during pregnancy and she is a mess.

Slacker put Claire on hold halfway through because she was so distraught. He said that most people only really tell you the positives of pregnancy and now that Claire is actually growing a child inside her, she is finding out about all the gross stuff that comes along with it. Steve said that he thinks the reality of the impending kid is hitting Claire all at once and she'll find a way to work through it all.

Did you have any of Claire's fears? What would you tell Claire?

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01/29/2014 8:50PM
OPP: Scared to be Pregnant
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01/30/2014 4:26PM
Been there!
Oh Claire! I am a first time mom of a four month old and I am still terrified at times. What you are going through is normal and okay. We all have anxiety. Rightfully so! Childbirth and parenting is terrifying. But... We can do it! The fact that you worry means you care and will do great. Just to be on the sage side, please tell your ob about these feelings. They'll make sure you are healthy and can guide you if you develop post partum depression... Also normal! Join moms groups in person and on Facebook. You'll have a great network of support. Hugs!!! You're doing great mama!!
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