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OPP: Saw His Paycheck Stub

Yi! I was at my fiancé's apartment and I saw his final paycheck stub from last year sitting on the counter. I'm usually not this kind of person, but curiosity got the better of me and I looked when he was in the shower. He told me he made $50,000 and it showed he made $52,000. I'm not upset about that. What I am angry about is that it showed that he made $10,000 in bonuses. He has never mentioned getting paid any sort of bonus. I have no idea where that money is or what he spent it on. If he had no problem hiding this much money from me, what else could he be hiding? Should I confront him about hiding the money? 
Slacker suggests whoever else has this problem tell your company to go paperless. He could actually be having an affair. Because he asks really, where is the money?! He doesn’t believe in the “What else can he be hiding.” It is a little weird to not share their bonuses with their significant other. $10,000 is a lot of money. If he didn’t tell his wife about $10,000 he would be dead. He never hid things and still doesn’t from his wife.

Steve says this hits close to home for him. Once they make it legal and he tries to withhold the money if they get divorced then that’s fraud. He thinks if you are engaged then you come clean with everything right?!

What advice do you have for Sydney?

I would straight up ask him. And tell him to show her his credit card statements and see where else he has been spending.

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01/30/2014 4:18PM
OPP: Saw His Paycheck Stub
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01/30/2014 4:51PM
maybe a surprise
what if some of that money was going towards the wedding rings or honeymoon and he wanted to surprise her
01/31/2014 2:18PM
Get a grip
The key word would be that she is the fiance. Until there is a piece of paper reflecting to the government that she is entitled to half it's none of her business! If she is this upset over it are we concluding she's just in it for the moneyand she's pissed she didn't know she could spend more?? Get over it and get a better job and you won't have to worry about what he is making anymore
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