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OPP: Redoing His Apartment


Erin moved into her boyfriend’s apartment. James has lived at this place by himself for 3 years. Erin thinks the place needs some sprucing up. She’s going to surprise him by doing a little painting, hang some pictures and a make few décor changes while he is out-of-town on business.
Steve would be sent into a low orbit. He doesn’t think other guys would have a problem with it. He once dated w a chick who he gave the key to his house to and she slowly made herself more comfortable in his house. Steve doesn’t think she should be so fast about making the changes. It’s bad enough she got him to agree to her moving in and now a month later she going to blast him with some physical change. He likes where Erin‘s heart is at, but he doesn’t like where her head is at!
Slacker made Erin agree that she will take the advice and keep Slacker and Steve posted on the progress and how it all rolls out. She agreed. Slacker would have no problem with it. Slacker doesn’t mind the domestic decisions being made by someone else. It just depends on how drastic the changes are. Don’t take away the game room and make it into a nursery. Slacker made this analogy… When you try to feed a squirrel and he finally takes the nut, don’t start jumping up and down all excited! You are going to scare the squirrel and he’ll split!
Steve’s epic comment for the ages… ”That’s where I’m at. I’m at Squirrel!”
Have you ever done a home makeover? How did it go? How do you think it would have gone if you had only been together for a month?
I am a remodel contractor and my wife would be ecstatic if I busted my ass for a week while she was out of town! Her honey do list is huge! If she was to do something like that for me? No sweat! We have no issues with what we both want for the 10000 ft. view list of goals…
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/10/2012 4:39PM
OPP: Redoing His Apartment
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