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OPP: Prom Date

18-year-old Madison joined us live on the air to discuss her OPP.
One of her really good friends since freshman year asked her to prom and she said yes. Well, recently she got a call from one of the most popular guys in school and he asked her to prom. She really wants to go with him so how does she tell her friend she doesn’t want to go with him anymore?
Slacker doesn’t like this because he was the nerd. He hates Steve right now. He doesn’t want to go to the bathroom for fear of a swirly.
Slacker can’t help but feel for the nerd. He already asked someone, Madison, so he doesn’t think he has to worry about a date anymore…But he does…It doesn’t sit right with him. Is this okay to do to your friend? However, in the end, Slacker had to point out that the nerds always win.
Steve of course begs to differ because he was the jock but point being…Steve says she’s not going to be romantically involved with the nerd friend, but she will be with the hot, popular guy, so thinking with the jock brain, believes the nerd will realize this guy is her dream guy and he will graciously bow out.
What do you think? How does Madison tell her friend she doesn’t want to go with him?
During Madison’s OPP we got an e-mail from a guy named Justin and as it turns out, he is the nerdy friend. He overheard her on the air and had to say something…Read what he wrote below…
I can not believe you would do this! This is my last prom too. I’ve made all these plans…I’ve made reservations…I used every last penny to make prom a night you would always remember. I’ve been trying to show you how much I’ve liked you for so long and I thought this would be my one shot to show you…I mean, what else do I need to do to show you how much I want to be with you! I’ve stood by your side through everything since we met at freshman orientation. All Aaron is looking to do is hook up with you. He’s a jerk… But if that’s what you want…Have a good life.
Madison was in shock! He never said anything to her! She became really broken up about Justin’s e-mail and kept wondering, why didn’t he say anything before? Steve says its Justin’s fault because he never said anything, but like Slacker said, he did say something it just took him four years to do it. In the e-mail Steve noticed that he did give Madison an out, so technically she can go to prom with the popular guy now…
So what does Madison do? Do you have any advice for her?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/30/2012 4:44PM
OPP: Prom Date
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