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OPP: Pierced My Kid


Today's OPP is from Kate:

Yi! I picked up my 5 year old daughter from daycare only to realize that they had pierced her ears!  My daughter had her ears pierced a year ago, but we let the holes in her ears close.  I was furious!!! The head of the daycare said my daughter wanted to do it. I called the cops, but the cops told me what the daycare did wasn't against the law because she previously had her ears pierced and there is nothing they can do.  I can’t even tell you how mad I am!!! Can you have some of the moms that listen tell me how they would handle this situation?

Steve really doesn't see the big deal with the daycare provider repiercing the girls ears. He thinks she probably should have asked for permission, but there is no reason to freak out. Slacker knows of other instances when the other parent or a grandparent took a girl to get her ears pierced, and the parents got upset with them. Why would any parent be happy about this?

I have to agree with Steve on this one. Even though I don't have kids yet, I think Kate is making a huge deal out of nothing. On the other hand, what if they let the girl's ears heal because of something health related (i.e. allergic to earings). I'm torn...thankfully, I don't have to deal with these issues yet!!!

Does Kate have a right to be mad? What would you do?

- Producer Dave

Photo Courtesy of Michal Marcol

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12/02/2011 6:59PM
OPP: Pierced My Kid
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