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OPP: Neighbor Abuses Kids

Today’s OPP is from Audrey:
Yi! I am writing because I am concerned about my neighbor's children. They are 6 and 7. On Saturday, he had them clean both of his cars, rake the lawn, pull weeds and clean some of their windows. I think this is borderline abuse. My husband disagrees and says the kids are learning responsibility and discipline. The children looked exhausted. Should I say something? Who's right - me or my husband?
Slacker says a 6 year old out washing a car is way too much! He thinks that the child could get dehydrated! Slacker said that if we left a child in the car cops would have been called instantly and this isn’t much different in the heat.
Steve thinks it’s a good thing for the kids. He says he wouldn’t trust a 6 year old with his car. Steve asks if the standard of when he was younger and doing chores is really that much different now.
Who do you think is right?
I think Audrey’s husband is right. Kids now a days don’t learn this type of responsibility anymore. I did chores growing up and I learned that I don’t get to play until my things are done.
Intern Tyler

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06/04/2014 4:21PM
OPP: Neighbor Abuses Kids
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