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OPP: My Kid Is A Liar


Today's OPP comes from Lauren...

My 6 year old daughter lies about everything. I can sit and watch her eat cheerios for breakfast and then later ask her what she had and she'll lie and say she had cake and ice cream.  After a day with the sitter when I ask what they did, and I already heard from the sitter that they'd gone to the park and had a picnic, she'll tell me that they went to the movies and then her friend's house.  I'm getting concerned that the older she gets the bigger the lies.  What should I do?


Slacker wonders if parents just don't nip this in the bud to stop it from escalating in the later years. He's a new parent and has no suggestions. His son has his toys out and Slacker asked him if he would them away, he ran upstairs and then came back way too soon! Slacker then said he was going to help him put some other toys away and found that he only put the toys about five feet out of sight.

Steve thinks if the kid learns how to lie, he's got a future in politics. When Steve lied, he got his mouth washed out with dish soap. Not bar soap, liquid dishwashing soap.

Slacker lies about things like "Does my butt look big in these pants?" He doesn't lie about things like "Did you make the car payment?" He doesn't lie about important things.

Steve thinks Slacker's kid thinks that since his father lies, it's OK for him to lie... He thinks it's a phase kids go through...

It's official, Slacker needs someone who makes sense to talk to at this point!

How does she put a stop to it now before it gets worse? 

Just remind the child that it's not OK to fib and there are no secrets, only surprises. Train them early and you will avoid many arguments later. Never tell them to be quiet. Keep the cannels of communication open!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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09/17/2012 4:39PM
OPP: My Kid Is A Liar
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