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OPP: Mom in Delivery Room?


Our OPP's wife is getting ready to have their baby and he has one request for the delivery room…does the father even get to make delivery room requests? If he does, he's requesting to have his mother-in-law away from the delivery room!

Because the baby is coming out of the woman, that means she has full control of who is allowed in the delivery room.  But technically, it takes two to tango, so the baby is his as well.  That should entitle him to that decision right?

Slacker relates to this situation.  He had his mother-in-law in the room and she was nothing but a source of stress.  Slacker also tries to put himself in the shoes of a woman and realizes how much stress a birth is.  Although he agrees with Tristan (the OPP), he needs to bite the bullet on this one.  Steve hasn't been through this but also agrees with Tristan.

I'm going on Slacker's side with this as well.  I can imagine how stressful the situation could be, I'd rather just allow the mom in the room.  Everybody is happy, and I won't have put up with future arguments about how I didn't let my mother-in-law in the room.  Because if there is one thing I realize...women hold grudges. Forever.  They never, ever forget.  And I would rather live a life where I'm not subjected to passive agressive comments by my mother-in-law for the duration of my life.  Although, I really wouldn't worry.  My current possible future mother-in-law likes me! (At least for now).

Is our OPP okay in making this decision?

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07/18/2012 4:27PM
OPP: Mom in Delivery Room?
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07/18/2012 4:52PM
not only no...h$%# no
YI Guys; Does the mother want the father to be 1/4 involved raising the, then he should have 50% opinion on delivery decisions. Perhaps mom could be in during the labor, comforting whatever, then get her out of there during the delivery. She sounds like my mother (stress monkey) who invited herself into the delivery and her Glenda the good witch imitation and constant rubbing my arm drove me crazy. Final question: was she there during conception? Kathy
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