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OPP: Long Haired Boy

My four-year-old son, Matthew, has shoulder-length hair that he absolutely loves. My husband and I tried to take him for a haircut on three separate occasions and Mathew totally freaked out until we promised not to cut it. The only challenge with this is that ever stranger we pass on the street thinks he's a girl and starts addressing him as such. 
THEN, when we (or Matthew) tells them he's a boy, the stranger almost always shoots us a look like we're bad parents who are out to confuse them or make Matthew's life harder. Does anyone else have this issue with their son? Why are people so intolerant of boys with long hair? Is there a better way we can handle this with strangers? Help!!
Slacker asks Steve if he has ever seen a baby that is dressed wrong. Like a baby girl in blue is really weird. He says the kid is four-years-old and the parents should cut his hair because they are the parents. He probably doesn’t like broccoli either, but you make him eat it. She needs to cut his hair. He hates when parents make their kids try to be very unique.

Steve said by his parents letting him have long hair is the problem. He says it is a great learning experience for the four-year-old. He agrees with Steve about the uniqueness of parents and children. The offbeat names, and weird hair styles don’t really make a person unique.

 What Should Sara and her husband do?

Doesn’t she dress him like a boy? Like how do people not distinguish the gender by the color of clothes or style? I think that will make it easier. Throw a Power Rangers t-shirt on him and I guarantee people won’t say anything anymore.

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05/05/2014 4:21PM
OPP: Long Haired Boy
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