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OPP: Kid at the Pool

She just wanted a relaxing day at the pool and one of her neighbors totally ruined it for her. Our OPP needs your help figuring out what to do!

Yi! I laid out at my apartment complex pool the other day for some relax time and a woman dressed in gym gear dropped her 7 year old off and left. She had her boyfriend beside her when she told her son "mommy has to workout and run errands". Because I was the only other person at the pool I felt obligated to stick around to make sure he didn't drown but I had stuff to do as well. Even worse, this isn't the first time I've seen her drop him at the pool and leave. I hate calling the cops but she kind of made this my problem. Should I say something to her?

Slacker and Steve agree that she technically has no legal responsibility to stay and watch the kid.  However, Slacker says he would probably do the same thing Jane did to make sure nothing happened to the seven-year-old while by himself.  Slacker also wonders about other aspects of pool etiquette such as bringing booze when you're going to spend the day at the pool with your kids.

I would say this woman needs to tell someone, whether she feels it is serious enough to contact the police or if she can just talk to the neighbor herself (though one will always find trouble when telling other people how to raise their children).  Even if the apartment complex has some sort of security or management she can get in touch with, she can't leave this issue with this neighbor be, especially if it's a common occurrence and especially since this kid is so young.  

As far as bringing alcohol to a family pool day, I would say as long as you're not going too crazy and actually getting drunk, there is nothing wrong with having a beer or two by the pool over the course of the day (assuming it's allowed, I'm not sure how many pools/water parks actually allow this).

What would you do if you were put in a situation like this one?  Are there any other aspects of pool etiquette that you think should be addressed?

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06/26/2012 4:36PM
OPP: Kid at the Pool
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