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OPP:It's a Fake

Yi guys! I work in a jewelry store and my best friend asked me to get her wedding ring appraised for insurance reasons. I haven't been there very long, so I asked the owner to look at it. This is probably where I should tell you how much my best friend loves her ring. It is her most prized possession and I have never seen her happier than when she got it from her husband. The owner looked at it, and he told me that it's basically worth as much as the metal of the band because it's not a real diamond. I don't know what to say to her because she is going to be devastated. How to I tell her that her prized possession is not real?
Slacker he said he doesn’t even want to deal with this OPP because it makes his heart hurt. The first question that pops into his mind that you assume the husband knows right? He said that it is the Jessica’s responsibility that the ring isn’t real. If he went out and bought a fake Louis V bag then he would definitely not tell her it was..However, if she asked then he would fess up to it.  

Steve said this OPP is definitely icky. Yes, there is a chance he didn’t know but all women, you’d think would get their ring appraised. What’s sad is that a lot of women can tell the difference between ZZ and real diamonds.

What should Jessica do?

I think she should just take her friend to lunch and tell her, “hey listen, so I had the ring looked at, and it is fake.” Just do it. If he did know, then he is scum.

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02/24/2014 4:16PM
OPP:It's a Fake
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