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OPP: Irresponsible Dad-to-Be

Candy came on the air with us to share her OPP today.  She and her husband have been married for a few years. They are currently expecting their first child in a couple of months. Lately, his new affinity is to go to the bar or strip club (or both) on his days off and he spends considerably more money than they can afford. Even after receiving good news about anything, he will go drinking alone and not contribute more to their family. There is unfinished work around the house and he is supposed to be finishing it but it seems not to matter anymore. Candy is wondering if he is cheating? Is he an alcoholic? Is her marriage doomed?

Slacker says the first time he read the OPP; he was completely on Candy’s side. He said that Lil D talked to him and pointed out that this might be the husbands last hurrah before things get real. Slacker thinks that women don’t want to admit it but men change too! He says it’s not physical but the mental “I’m going to be in charge of another human being” emotion. Slacker thinks it’s kind of strange that Candy’s husband goes out on the only day they could have together.
Steve is not sure what to think about the whole situation. He says he would understand the husband’s mentality if this is his last hurrah. Steve also thinks that her husband might be pushing away their future together. He wonders what Candy would do if her husband came out and told her exactly what he was thinking.
What do you think Candy should do?

I think Candy needs to talk to her husband and explain her concerns with the whole situation. Then again if its a touchy subject its easier said than done.
Intern Tyler

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05/21/2014 4:28PM
OPP: Irresponsible Dad-to-Be
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