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OPP: I Returned My Boyfriend's Christmas Present

Valerie joined us on the air today to share with us her OPP. Over Christmas, her boyfriend bought her some really expensive clothes. He got the sizes right, but she hated the clothing. She thought they were so tacky, so although she hadn’t told him, she took them back to the store and got a $100 gift card. She tried shopping in the store, but it was so bad she ended up selling it to her friend for $60. Well, now he found out.
Steve’s first question was, are you happy? And she responded with a yes and to Steve that is end of story because he failed to make her happy so she went out and made herself happy and now that she is, he should be happy. He should be mad at himself for not knowing his girlfriend. Steve is actually irritated at people like Valerie and Slacker for going out of their way to not hurt each other’s feelings when the bottom line is you just want to be happy.
Did Valerie do anything wrong? Was returning the gift a mistake?
To be honest, even if I hated the clothing, I would keep it because at least he tried to put some effort into it. In the mean time, I would start pointing out things when we shopped or make subtle hints as to what I liked. Then, if he didn’t get it, I would do what Valerie did. I know this may be a little different, but growing up, my mom used to buy me clothing I hated. I would never wear it, it always sat in my closet, but eventually she started to see the pattern and started asking me what I liked. I also just gathered the courage to tell her when I didn’t like something. Maybe honesty is the best policy. Wow, I’m cheesy…
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/04/2012 4:29PM
OPP: I Returned My Boyfriend's Christmas Present
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