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OPP: I Look Like His Sister


Rachel has a problem with her boyfriend’s sister. It’s not her character or the way she treats other people…it’s her looks! Wait before you jump to is because she looks…exactly like her! She showed up to dinner with his parent’s and met her boyfriend’s sister for the first time and couldn’t stop staring because she looks, acts, speaks and dresses the same as her. We are talking identical! She even goes as far as to say that they share many of the same mannerisms like hair twirling. It is weirding her out because she is afraid that he may think of his sister during intimate moments.

Slacker said he knows someone distantly related that had a thing for him and would date men that looked like him through all of his style changes. Steve thinks it was as if she was looking for him. Steve said he would be freaked out if someone walked in that looked just like him. If it is a strong enough resemblance then it could be a strange attraction to his sister. Slacker once broke up with a girl because they were getting intimate and a journey song was on and when he looked down for some reason he realized she reminded him of Steve Perry. Are we reading too far into this?

What should Rachel do? Should she confront him?

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10/25/2013 5:39PM
OPP: I Look Like His Sister
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