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OPP: He Doesn't Want Kids

So, I have been married before and think I have finally found the one, despite how afraid I am. The catch is though, he does not want kids. He says that he doesn't want them since he had a bad experience; his mother owned and operated a daycare out of their home while he was growing up and is now opposed to the thought of having kids. Since I work in the nursery at my church, I can understand where he is coming from, since young children get exponentially worse when you put them with other children. 
We wouldn't even consider having kids for a few years at least since I just returned to school. But, in your experience, especially being men, do you think it is possible he would change his mind in a few years after we are married? 
Thank you so much.
Slacker thinks it really hard to change a guy. During the time in his life when he was in a band he wanted to relate with as many possible and never wanted children. He never let himself say the sentence “I don’t ever want kids.” He knew a couple that didn’t want children. Ever. They went out all the time and one day she wanted kids, and he came around to the idea. They ended up having children. 

Steve says that is a gamble she has to take. He is great with Slacker’s children and treats them as family, but he will never change his mind about wanting kids

What advice can you give Sarah?

I don’t know if I would pressure him to have the conversation about kids. If he doesn’t want them, then he doesn’t want them. Yikes. I don’t know Sarah.

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02/25/2014 4:17PM
OPP: He Doesn't Want Kids
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