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OPP: Grandparents Over-Riding Parenting

Today's OPP is from Amanda:

Yi! I’m fed up with my mother and father-in-law and I need some advice. My husband and I have a very specific way that we want to raise our kids and his parents constantly undermine us. If we’re at grandma and grandpa’s and we tell the kids they can’t have sugar, grandma will say “grandparents are supposed to fill their grandkids with sugar and send them home,” and then she sneaks them cookies. If we tell them they can’t watch a TV show, grandpa will take them into the other room and we find them watching it. That’s just a couple examples of the countless things they do. We’ve asked them to stop and respect our parenting decisions, but they have the mindset that they are just being how grandparents are supposed to be. What do I have to do to get them to stop?

Slacker thinks that maybe Amanda should stop taking her kids to see the grandparents until they can respect her parenting techniques. Steve says that this is always the way it has been and it's the right of grandparents to let their grandkids get away with more. Slacker also said that his parents do this to him. They feel like they have already raised 4 kids, so now they should get to enjoy the grandkids.

How does Amanda put an end to grandma & grandpa giving the kids everything they want?
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04/23/2013 4:13PM
OPP: Grandparents Over-Riding Parenting
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