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OPP: Gone Ghost


Today’s OPP comes from an unsigned listener…

Yi! My fiancé' and I have been together for years and were engaged. We're high school sweethearts and had plans on marriage and a life together. We've been in a rough patch for that last few months and last week while I was at work she moved all her stuff out and left me a Dear John letter with specific instructions not to contact her ever again. Should I completely ignore her request, wait awhile then try to contact her, or respect her last wishes?
Slacker and Steve tried to get this guy on the air, but he wasn’t available. Slacker says when a woman leaves so abruptly, they have clear and concise reasons. Either she has another dude or he’s not being honest with the guys in his letter. Slacker thinks that unless this guy is a troll, he’s totally a victim here. Slacker makes the analogy that if Steve were a relationship guy, which he’s not, and Slacker left a note on his car that read, “Peace, I’m out! Lose my number, See Ya!” would Steve try to contact Slacker?
Steve says “Hell Yeah!” He would totally try to find out what’s up? Is everything OK? What’s going on with you? Steve would definitely try to get a hold of Slacker if that were to happen. Probably not so much if it was a woman, but it’s a start…
Both guys have been ghosted on…Well, Steve kinda and Slacker totally! You have to commit to be surprised when they are no longer there. Otherwise it’s just another day.
They understand it happens and it sucks.
Can so many years be so easily ignored?
I would walk away. Make it a positive. Maybe she got spooked. My opinion is that you can’t change anyone, nor can you make them love you. Let her go! See what happens. If she never comes back, then it was for the best for both of you. Rise above and make sure you take a good hard look at yourself. Make the changes you feel necessary to show the world that you are a survivor and not a victim. Stuff happens. The fact that we have the ability to reason and opposable thumbs makes us the superior species in this world. Then make sure you live the life you deserve instead of the life she made for you. I always try to build myself back up and look forward to the day they realize they made a huge mistake in their decision to leave. I’m better now…
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

(Photo Courtesy of Forte Productions)

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08/30/2012 4:28PM
OPP: Gone Ghost
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