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OPP: Going To Dying Dad's Funeral

Today’s OPP comes from John:
“Hey Slacker and Steve. So I have to make a choice if I should go to me dads  funeral or not. He has not passed away yet but is expected to in the next week or so. I have not seen him or talked to him in 10 yrs. My brother sent me a facebook message telling me he was going to die soon and he would like me to come to the funeral. I have made a decision years ago to separate myself from my family due to their choices they have all made. I grew up watching my parents do all the drugs you can think of . Most of the time they would rather be high than feed their kids. So...  I hope just by that little view you can see why I feel that it's still best that I stay away due to the Hurt and anger I still have today.  I was also told by friends that I should see him before he dies. Am I wrong I'm not wanting to be a part of this?  Maybe you guys can help.
Although he wrote us, he also included his phone number and was kind enough to join us on the air for a little more information.
John’s dad has bladder cancer and liver cancer, and it’s from years and years of drug use. John separated himself from his family over ten years ago after his parents had a few stints in jail and he became the foster parent of his siblings. He started to find that lifestyle disgusting and he knew he had to get out of it. Just recently, like he said in the letter, he got a call from his brother that his father was dying and he hasn’t talked to him since he left. His mom was the man source of their family’s problems and he feels like he’s a good man so he’s pretty torn on what to do. Does he go to the funeral or not?
Slacker says if he already knew he wasn’t going to attend the funeral, then he wouldn’t have written the letter.
I think John should go to the funeral. I think it’s a good way to allow that forgiveness and let go out of the past. It’s not good to hold onto the pain and I think he will regret not going because deep down, that is his father and you truly only get one of those. He may have done a lot of wrong in his life, but I don’t know…I’m not sure how to explain it, but it feels right to go.
What advice do you have for John?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/08/2012 4:23PM
OPP: Going To Dying Dad's Funeral
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