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OPP: Give Up The Motorcycle

Today’s OPP comes from Kate:
I have an OPP for you. My husband is really into motorcycles—sport bikes. We have 3 of them in our garage right now. I’m 6 months pregnant and I want them gone before the baby gets here. He says that he is safe when he rides, but I know he has posted videos of himself going like 100 miles per hour. I think it’s taking a dumb risk and I don’t want our daughter to grow up without a dad. I just want him to stop being a boy and act like a man. What do you think guys? Can I make him sell them? What should I do if he doesn’t?
Slacker and Steve know quite a few men that ride motorcycles so they don’t think it’s a boyish thing at all…With that said, Slacker thinks ultimatum’s are a bad thing. Riding a motorcycle at 100mph is a really stupid thing to do and although Steve says going 10mph gives you a risk too, Slacker pointed out it gives a greater risk of injury. Steve doesn’t think just because she’s pregnant, that he has to give up his entire life. He thinks marriage is a business transaction so she’s covering herself first.
Steve asked Slacker what he wanted to give up as a father without being asked to do so. Slacker doesn’t think he is ever going to grow up all the way, but he’s definitely not the same guy he was before Noah was born. He used to never drive with a seatbelt and he drove a lot like Steve does now. On a side note, Slacker’s wife told him he could get a motorcycle if he doubled his life insurance policy, so that isn’t going to happen.
I don’t think you should ever give an ultimatum to someone, not unless you are already willing to let the outcome not affect you. I think Kate should just sit down with her husband and talk with him about it…Maybe convince him to slow down a bit and to be more cautious when he rides. That way she feels better and he doesn’t have to give up what he loves.
What advice do you have for Kate?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/05/2012 4:22PM
OPP: Give Up The Motorcycle
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04/05/2012 5:01PM
Keep one but be careful
I am a 17 year old girl. My dad was into extreme sports, skydiving, jet skiing, motorcycling, ect. When I was 12 years old he passed away because of a paragliding accident. I have spent almost 5 years without my dad and for a child living without their father is one of the hardest things they can go through. It's not about the guy giving up his hobby and the woman raising a child on her own, it's about the child. I think that he shouldnt have to give up his hobby but he needs to be extremely carful when he chooses to ride his motorcycle. No child wants to get the information that their dad has been in an accident or that they will never see them again. I'm only 17 an I know my father never got to see me go to dances, never got to teach me to drive, and will never be there to walk me down the isle kills me. And now me, my brother, and sister have to suffer because of choice he made.
04/05/2012 6:02PM
Give Up The Motorcycle
The husband needs to ask his wife then what she will be willing to give up if he has to give up his motorcycles!!! This sounds like an ultimatum and know one likes being told what to do. I agree with your I think it was your first caller saying if she doesn't say anything and let him give them up at his own will or something like that rather then the nag or ultimatum. All ultimatums and nagging do is cause a fight and resentment. The husband needs to also ask his wife what's her favorite thing and if he has to give up motorcycles then she better be prepared to give up one of her favorite things and it cant be a cheap thing to give up since motorcycles aren't cheap.
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