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OPP: Fight Mother-In-Law


Kate is on the phone and she is furious! Her mother-in-law constantly sticks her nose into all of Kate and her husband's business. Kate's husband always sides with his mother instead of her and it is impossible for Kate to do anything without her MIL getting involved.

For example, Kate has been planning a birthday party for her husband. She has lined up catering and sent out invitations. Now, her MIL thinks it would be better to have the party at her house. She has convinced Kate's husband that they should move it! Kate is so mad, she is driving to confront her MIL.

Have you ever dealt with an overbearing MIL? What can Kate do?

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01/31/2014 9:03PM
OPP: Fight Mother-In-Law
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02/11/2014 8:24PM
Setting Boundaries
Kate I heard your story on the radio while driving and it touched me deaply, as I was in a similar situation. I wanted to reassure you that you are not wrong in this situation, but are the one being shown disrespect. When a person gets married and start's their own family, that's where their primary loyalty needs to be. It appears that your husband is having issues setting boundaries with his mother and this is causing issues in your marriage. You and your husband need to discuss and set what these boundaries should be. It is your husband's duty, not your responsibility, to address those rules with his mother and demand that she show you the respect that should be given to his wife and mother of his children. I know you are feeling extremely hurt and angry, being made to feel you are second choice. I can relate. I suggest you go on line, as there are many helpful articles on setting boundaries with in-laws. You and your husband may need to speak with a counsellor, as you husband may have difficulty listening to you and accepting that you are in fact right in this situation, but he may be willing to accept the advice of a professional neutral party. I hope and pray that he steps up.
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