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OPP: Drunken Mind, Sober Heart


Today’s OPP comes from Kendra:

Yi! My husband and I were drinking over the weekend and he said something very hurtful to me! We don't have any kids yet and he said he's not sure he wants to have kids with me because he doesn't think I'll be a good mom. Of course I was mad that night and made him sleep on the couch. He tried to talk to me the next day and explain that he really didn't mean it...he was just being a jerk because of the liquor. I believe that things said drunk are really thoughts kept inside while sober. Do you think he really meant what he said and is just trying to use the booze as an excuse? Does he really not want kids with me?

Steve believes there’s nothing worse that you can say to a female. She’s never going to forget it. She might forgive him, but she’ll never forget! Steve thinks she is never going to get passed this. He feels the relationship is doomed.
Slacker wants to get other people’s opinions before putting in his two cents. What reason would this guy have to say this? Slacker would probably just have a sexual innuendo to blurt out, nothing serious. Usually, when he’s drunk, he is trying to get into a woman’s clothes, nothing deep! He can’t tell if this guy meant it or not.
I think drinking creates lots of odd dynamics between couples. The fact that Kendra is questioning her husband is too little, too late! The two of them should have covered that long before getting engaged, right? Not good for either person to have a great memory when you are hammered. The kid topic definitely demands more attention, but not when the parties involved are drinking. Let it lie and move on. Plan a time to talk about children. If you don’t like the way he speaks his mind when he’s drunk? Walk away. Remember, he’ll probably either come clean in the end or keep track of the times you drink, what you say when you’re drunk and he’ll continuously stay on the defensive. 

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern
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06/04/2012 4:22PM
OPP: Drunken Mind, Sober Heart
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06/05/2012 4:15PM
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