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OPP Disney Decorator


Yi! My fiancé wants to decorate our kitchen after her favorite Disney movie "The little mermaid".  I think it's embarrassing enough that our bathroom is flowery, but I think this is where I draw the line. That movie stunk to begin with. Secondly, you're a grown woman. We're not having an imaginary friend tea party. It's time to grow up. How do I put a stop to this?

What should Adam do?

Slacker says Adam to have a little vito power. He needs to say no.Slacker says that everyone hangs out in the kitchen so it would be weird if it were decorated the way she wants.

Steve said "Why can't she have her girl room, like a man cave?" Adam's fiancee' has control over the kitchen. She is going to win the arguement. But Adam has to stick up for himself. There has to be a room where she stores her Disney stuff right?

The fact that this woman is serious about decorating her house in "Little Mermaid," is absolutely repulsive. You're how old? Plus, it's a little creepy. If anything the bathroom would have to be that decor, not the kitchen!


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