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OPP: Defend the Family or Move?


Today’s OPP is from Aiden:

Last week, we did Olivia's OPP about confronting her neighbor because of his 4th of July party. She did confront him and now it's her husband’s (Aiden) turn for an OPP. The neighbor wants to fight him all the time and he needs help figuring out how to handle it.
Slacker says that standing up for your family doesn’t always mean fighting the other guy. He thinks that he should try and call the neighbors bluff. Slacker says that when the going gets tough you shouldn’t pick up and move, what kind of example does that set for the kids!
Steve says this is classic scenario of a woman shooting her mouth off and a man having to back up her words. He says that Aiden should talk to Olivia and make sure she doesn’t involve the cops anymore.
What advice do you have for Aiden?
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07/09/2014 4:19PM
OPP: Defend the Family or Move?
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