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OPP: Daughter Shouldn't Marry Her Fiance

Today’s OPP comes from Sharon:
Yi guys! I’m worried about my 20 year-old daughter. She returned home from college at Christmas and announced she’s engaged. At first, we were all delighted. Then, we found out her future husband is a 35 year-old loser, who has been married twice and has several kids by several different women. I know this marriage will never last! Should I intervene and say something or be quiet and let my daughter find out for herself that her new man is wrong for her?
Slacker thinks if Sharon wants to get involved now and tell her 20 year old she made a bad decision, than perhaps she should have raised her better for the first 20 years. In an example Slacker made, he said it’s not like your kid started doing drugs and you say, I raised you better, because clearly you didn’t. You have to wonder where they got the idea to make these decisions…? With that said, if Sharon gets involved, he fears she might just push her daughter closer to this loser.
Steve thinks whether the parent is right or wrong, at 20 years old you are at that rebellious age where you don’t even want to listen, so you make that decision to marry to loser.
I can see where Slacker’s fear comes from, but in the end I still think it’s safer to say something than to not say anything at all. You never want to see your child go through the kind of heartache a divorce can give you. Sharon should speak to her daughter with support, but speak her concerns. Even if she doesn’t change her daughter’s mind, at least in this way her daughter understands and won’t get upset.
What advice do you have for Sharon? Do you think she should keep quiet or speak up?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/06/2012 4:50PM
OPP: Daughter Shouldn't Marry Her Fiance
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01/07/2012 6:33PM
Daughter Shouldn't Marry Her Fiance
Sharon. Someone needs to talk to her for sure. Just a few years ago this relationship would have been Illegal! Just speak out of love! God's Blessings!
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