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OPP: Dating Outside Religion

Yi! Our OPP is from Hailey:

Yi guys,
I'm a junior in college and this was the first year I didn't make it home to see my parents. They are coming out to see me and want to meet my boyfriend while they're here. I've been dating him for about 6 months and I've purposely not told my parents a lot about him. The reason is because his family is from Saudi Arabia and he's Muslim. My dad fought in Desert Storm and doesn't give people from that part of the world a fair chance. I know he will automatically hate my boyfriend and do everything he can to get me to break up with him. My dad thinks that everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist or funding a terrorist. I know my boyfriend is proud of his heritage but I'm thinking about asking him to lie so my dad won't be upset. What should I do?
Slacker says they usually don’t really do controversial OPP’s, but this one is tough.  She definitely shouldn’t lie and should probably just hide him entirely. A soldier’s daughter is always his light and shining spawn so Hailey is in a rough spot. Slacker says prejudging people is awful, and that if this guy was a protestant kid from Ohio it would still be hard to introduce the two. He feels awkward talking about this right now. He doesn’t have any dispositions with anyone.  He would hope his kids would break him of his prejudices.  He thinks it is impossible to change a military man, but his daughter could be the catalyst. Hopefully this meet and greet could bring them together.
Steve says why even bring the two together? Her father was trained to hate and kill the people in the Middle East from the beginning. Steve hates prejudice people. He says Slacker touched on something Slacker

What should Hailey do?

This is really tough! I wouldn’t know what to do if I was Hailey, but ultimately I would introduce him for who he really is. Don’t lie. That will make it worse. Maybe this will open her dad’s eyes that he is a good man and is good for his daughter.

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08/14/2014 4:18PM
OPP: Dating Outside Religion
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08/15/2014 12:40PM
OPP: Dating Outside Religion
So I was very offended by this topic yesterday and some of the callers comments that were allowed on air (specifically the lady that called in that is married to the special forces soldier). My husband is of Muslim faith and I am a Christian. He is not a terrorist just because he is Muslim and his religion does not make him a bad person. I am just very upset that her comments were allowed on air as she stated more than once that her husband thinks all muslims are bad people. It makes me sick to think that someone is judged based off of their religion and that Alice allowed people with such horrible attitudes to express these opinions.
08/15/2014 3:13PM
dating outside of religion
Who do you think our military members were defending in the middle east? The jews
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