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OPP: Dating My Dad

Yi! Today’s OPP comes from Brandy:

Yi, I'm 24 years old and dating a 49 year old man. My family really wants to meet him but I haven’t told them how old he is yet. They invited us over for dinner this weekend so they can finally meet him and I’m terrified. My dad is only 3 years older than my boyfriend and I’m not sure how he’s going to take it. They have a lot in common so I really hope it won’t upset my dad too much. Has anyone ever had to tell their parents they were dating someone so much older than them? How did you do it? Should I tell them before we go to the house for dinner?
Slacker says if his daughter did this he would freak out. He thinks she should definitely tell them before the dinner. He thinks this guy is an idiot. That situation will be so awkward. If his daughter brought home a 49 year old man he would think the guy she’s dating is a perve. He asks if the guy has grey hair and if he does, then you can’t just roll a man with grey hair as your boyfriend. He was 10 years older than his first wife. He asks what these two people have in common. How can they connect? This is not a connection. It is a fling. Do NOT bring him home.

Steve doesn’t think it’s that bad and says Slacker should let her be happy with someone who makes her happy. People can’t help who they fall in love with, says Steve. He tells Slacker that they should congratulate this guy for landing a 24 year old.

What advice can you give Brandy?

I think she should tell her parents the age of her boyfriend the day before they go over there. That way it rips the Band-Aid off quickly and gives them a little bit of time to get over it. I think it’s weird.

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05/27/2014 4:24PM
OPP: Dating My Dad
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