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OPP: Cheated a Long Time Ago


Brittney joined us on the air today to share her OPP. 6 years ago, she cheated on her husband. She admitted her mistake to him and promised it would never happen again...which it hasn't. Her problem is her husband still makes her feel guilty for it and never has any trust for her. If she is 5 minutes late leaving work, he texts her to find out why. He has to know who she is with at every moment of the day. She once even caught him checking in on her while she was at a dinner with co-workers. She feels like she has paid for her mistake and wants to move forward in their relationship.

How does she get her husband to stop living in the past and realize she made one mistake?

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01/17/2014 10:22PM
OPP: Cheated a Long Time Ago
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02/14/2014 3:23PM
She created the "problem" NOT him!
She doesn't get it. Once you break the trust in a relationship, you can never get it back 100%. If she was truly remorseful, she'd be doing everything in her power to make her betrayed spouse feel safe...even 6 years later. If she didn't want her spouse to lose her trust, she shouldn't have cheated. The pain of infidelity gets better with time but it never goes away completely. It's not a simple mistake. It's a series of hurtful, destructive, selfish choices that scar the betrayed spouse forever. Even 8 years after my husband cheated on me I get a pit in my stomach when he's late. It's the broken person who cheats. In no way shape or form should the relationship or betrayed spouse take even 1% of the blame. Read if you want to get the facts about infidelity. She doesn't have a clue and I feel sorry she isn't more supportive of her husband.
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